Revisiting the MAKERS Conference.

Earlier this month DigitasLBi streamed the first day of the MAKERS Conference for employees, partners, and guests. The energy in the room was electric, and I left with some key takeaways.

Eva Longoria | For me, Eva normalized being a creative person that was also passionate about pursuing higher learning. When I was debating if I should pursue an M.A., and heard many folks say it wasn’t necessary to have a creative career, she revealed an understanding of how the two complemented each other. It’s been almost two years since I received my M.A. and her talk reminded me of why I pursued it in the first place.

She also schooled the audience on playing the game, whether you like it or not. By the end of her presentation, I was affirmed that the space I’m creating for myself is uniquely perfect for me. It might not be a path many understand or are familiar with, but it’s a path that leaves me enriched and empowered every day, from sunrise to sunset.

Diane von Furstenberg |  Diane instructed me to create a work environment that I could thrive in. As a full-time entrepreneur in a field focused on women, DVF explained that she never felt glass ceilings. After the election was the first time she actually felt sexism. She shared with us a few things that she reflected on, when she found herself in need of strength:

  • The most important relationship in life, is the one you have with yourself. If you have that, any other relationship is a plus, and not a must, and being needy is not attractive.
  • Fear is not an option.
  • Focus on intention. People want to be powerful, and if you focus on your power you get hurt. If you only focus on your energy, you become stagnant. But if you focus on your intention, think about it, polish it, think about it some more. And the power and energy will come.
  • If you doubt your power, you give power to your doubts.
  • Wink at your image, smile at your shadow and enjoy the ride.

Lily Singh | Lily was a face I wasn’t familiar with, but her talk resonated with me in so many ways! Similar to Lily, I came from a family that focused on tradition and structure. So my schemes and antics haven’t always gone over so well with my daddy. I’d say he’s only recently started to get me, lol. Lily reminded me to focus on Plan A, and not to concern myself with Plan B. Your dreams blossom when you go all in on them instead of distracting yourself with fall-back options. In her words “I expect no B’s from you, only A’s, focus on your Plan A.”

Tamika Catchings | Tamika is a true gem. Her talk really honed in on the importance of faith in God and being proud and unashamed to praise Him. Not only am I a born-again Christian, I’ve been a preacher’s kid all of my life and grew up in the South. So essentially I’ve always been immersed in Christianity. When I moved from the South and started interacting with people outside of the Bible Belt, there were a lot of foreign attitudes that I wasn’t familiar with, and I felt pressured to hide my faith. However, Tamika reinforced the idea that I should feel comfortable and free to be transparent about my faith, just as I encourage others to be free and open about their beliefs.

I encourage you to check out these talks and more. MAKERS has made all of them available for free!