Cash me at SXSW how bout dah?

Exactly a week from today I'll be speaking at SXSW on the panel, Stay Hungry: Increasing Diversity With Food and Hip Hop. Stay Hungry is an innovative culinary competition focused on educating under resourced kids about career opportunities in culinary arts and the ease of cooking, through the lens of hip-hop.

My relationship with Stay Hungry began with a request for an infographic design and has grown since our first collaboration in March 2016. After the infographic I worked on creating the brand's visual identity, setting the brand voice for social media, creating unorthodox collateral materials (think custom sparkling wine bottles instead of thank you cards ;-)), creating the SXSW panel pitch and campaign, and most recently, working on the first product collection that will be housed on Society6. 

I'm really excited to join the talented ladies who are behind Stay Hungry, Syreeta Gates and Elle Simone, along with our amazing moderator Darian Harvin to talk inception, sustaining the brand, and what's next.